Cloudium OS

Cloud computing 578x387Cloudium OS is being written in pure ASM, designed for speed and ease. Having cloud computing in mind. It also is secure (without requiring constant user input like Windows). But, how are we going to do this? Well every os wants/says these kind of things, so to accomplish our goals we follow these simple rules: keep it simple (that's way better then these complex interfaces etc. almost nobody wants), generalize (this makes things easier and more useful without extra complexity), be inventive (sometimes doing it the classical way just doesn't work).

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Here's a list of the advanantages you'l get when you use Cloudium instead of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or BSD:

  • Speed
    • Boots in less than 3 seconds!
    • No need to further explain that ;p
  • Fully document-oriented user-interface
    • Type the name of a document rather then seeking in your numerous files and directories
    • Create documents directly rather then opening an app first and then still have to say you want an new document
  • Real cloud
    • Cloud means nothing central
    • Well, you can login on any Cloudium device and your files, applications and settings are all with you
    • Else you can still login on Cloudium Portal, this is a web-interface for all non-cloudium devices